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As you know, consumers are hooked on the convenience of food delivery, but many in the food delivery business are not yet profitable. In fact, food delivery companies only profit 3% from the average order and they charge restaurants a standard commission of 20-30% for processing, which makes it a struggle to turn a real profit. BANTgo addresses this problem head-on.

With BANTgo’s adtech platform, we give food delivery companies, restaurants, and couriers the ability to display the branding and advertising of the order being delivered as well as non-competitive target location-based advertising on screens placed on food delivery bags and vehicles. Couriers can bring in hundreds of dollars per month. 

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For Businesses

Our SaaS platform works with any food delivery app and provides online food delivery apps, and restaurants with advertising impressions and independent drivers earn cash for mobilizing brands.

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For Advertisers

We give local businesses and advertisers the perfect opportunity to launch geo-targeted DOOH advertising on screens that is 30X more effective than online advertising.

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For Eaters

We also offer our blockchain-enabled GO-CYCLE app that provides discounts clean coins and other tokens to eaters who recycle their takeaway containers packaging and utensils.

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AdTech Platform

An adtech platform that mobilize brands and dynamically displays location-based advertising at street level

Our platform works with any food/grocery delivery app and displays the digital branding of the order being delivered at street level as well as targeted location-based advertising on LED screens that is 30 times more effective than online advertising and 10 times more effective than other OOH advertising.


Blockchain-enabled recycling app that rewards Eaters for recycling valuable recyclables.

GO-CYCLE  is our mobile application that provides users with financial rewards for recycling, gamifies sustainable behavior to encourage user engagement, and allows users to direct their funds to sustainable development projects.

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