BANTgo is an adtech and blockchain enabled food delivery and recycling solution that mobilizes brands and tokenizes sustainable behaviors with clean coins.

Make passive income by connecting your current food delivery iOS or Android app with BANTgo’s AdTech Platform and Recycling App (GO-cycle).

Delivery & Recycling


Despite the growth of the online food delivery market, companies like UberEats continue to give the short end of the stick to restaurants and delivery couriers with fees that hover around 30%. On top of that, the global recycling market continues to have inefficiencies with waste management, particularly plastics.


OOH Ads Platform

We created a passive income stream for the growing online food delivery market with our GO-OOH app which mobilizes brands and displays non-competitive location-based advertising.

We give local businesses and advertisers the perfect opportunity to geo-target their OOH ads, so they can reach customers in range and near the point of purchase. Businesses and advertisers can also create campaigns to target areas that generate a higher number of impressions and select the content that resonates best with audiences at specific times of the day.

GO-cycle rewards consumers for recycling their containers, packaging and utensils.

GO-cycle is our mobile application that provides users with financial rewards for recycling, gamifies sustainable behavior to encourage user engagement, and allows users to direct their funds to sustainable development projects.

Advantages with BANTgo

  • 01

    Your Brand Power

    Each BANTgo micro EV can be utilized as an ‘Out-of-home’ (OOH) advertising channel for your business. This will enhance your customer connection to your brand and contribute to 30% greater profitability.
  • 02

    Higher Revenues

    With the BANTgo app, not only can you connect with any Electric vehicle, but you can easily sync new deliveries, automate your delivery assignments, get route optimizations, and real-time delivery tracking, status updates/notifications and analytics.
  • 03

    Easy delivery organization

    Anyone can organize effective delivery! It's fast, simple, and efficient. Get ready-made delivery, automation and analytics for your business.
  • 04

    No obligation

    Your delivery works without capital costs. All your expenses are paid for through a subscription (long-term lease) to BANTgo. At any time, you can increase or decrease the number of vehicles depending on the goals of your business.
  • 05

    Support and replacement

    BANTgo will provide you with 24/7 support and replacement of EV transport if necessary at your request.
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    EV advantages

    Micro-EVs make daily intra-city trips affordable & energy efficient, and at scale, can drastically reduce carbon emissions and congestion in cities and communities by unclogging urban city streets.

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