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Our Platform

Cloud-based digital signage management
and AI ad delivery platform

Manage and display video or static ads on our high-quality outdoor LED screens, using our digital screen manager software. Our customers can upload, mix and combine videos into playlists, and can manually control the scheduling of branded content directly from a backend dashboard, controlled remotely from any mobile device or use our AI ad delivery application to determine and automatically select the most relevant ads to be delivered based on location and audience characteristics of a particluar delivery zone.

Our platform has shown to be 10x more effective than other outdoor advertising solutions and 30x more effective than online advertising.

For Businesses

Our “out-of-the-box” digital media platform works with food delivery companies and helps them attract customers at a cost 40x cheaper than the traditional online marketing channels.

For Advertisers

We give local businesses and advertisers the ability to reach customers near the point of purchase at specific times of the day. Our platform has shown to be 30x more effective than traditional online channels.

For Couriers

Our digital LED screens and software work automatically and allow you to earn more money when delivering food and even between orders in standby mode. Your work becomes safer due to better visibility on the roads at night.

Launch Geo-targeted ad campaigns to your ideal audience for maxium exposure and collect measurement and attribution data in real time

Our platform not only provides the ability to target the right audiences; and assist in delivering personalized advertising, it collects measurement and attribution data related to each screen, so marketers can better understand what had the greatest impact on ROI.

B2B users can compare efficiency, and track KPI changes for a select period of time and in near real-time.

Benefits of BANTgo’s Ad Platform

  • Hyper-Targeted


    We give local businesses and advertisers the perfect opportunity to geo-target their OOH ads, so they can reach customers in-range and near the point of purchase. Business and advertisers can also create campaigns to target areas which generate a higher number of impressions and select the content that resonates best with audiences at specific times of the day.
  • Multi-Touch Advertising

    Multi-Touch Advertising

    Advertisers can utilize BANTgo’s innovative AI buying platform to concurrently play ads programmatically on other digital, out-of-home screens.
  • Real-time reporting

    Real-time reporting

    Advertisers get real-time campaign tracking and measurement, including campaign reach by location, by audience and by demographics. See the number of ad plays and impressions delivered as well as eCPM and maps showing where the ad plays were served.
  • Attribution Reports

    Attribution Reports

    Our platform anonymously counts ad impressions by sensing the number of mobile phones around the car and measures the campaign’s performance lift based on your business objectives. Quantify your campaign’s impact by measuring, 1) Foot Traffic visitation lift, and 2) Mobile app KPI lift

Brands and their ads

get noticed

When digital OOH is planned and optimized it can enhance a variety of campaigns, by providing flexible and incremental reach in a cost-efficient way.

83% of people surveyed at various locations in our trade area recalled noticing the digital advertising on the vehicle.

62% of people surveyed recalled the actual brands advertised on the digital advertising screens.

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