17Oct, 22 October 17, 2022

(Miami Florida, US – 10/16/2022) — BANTgo, an AdTech startup focused on Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, and Media-as-a-service is pleased to announce that they will adopt and license Liqvid’s cloud-based digital signage management app for their food delivery clients in Dubai.

The ‘digital signage player’ will allow BANTgo clients to simply and intuitively manage and display video or static creatives onto their high-quality outdoor LED screens in just 15 minutes, with no experience needed. Using digital screen manager software, clients can now plan when to show content to their customers, upload, mix and combine videos into playlists, and control the scheduling of branded content directly from a backend dashboard, controlled remotely from any mobile device or laptop.

BANTgo clients will be able to broadcast a consistent brand message across several delivery bags and vehicles, such as promotions for their products and services, self-advertising (digital menu, daily and special offers, etc.), or advertisements of their partners or other useful public information. BANTgo is also planning to collaborate with Liqvid to further build out several convenient extensions that will leverage traffic data and geotargeting to drive impressions at scale, as well as collect and display measurement and attribution data related to each screen so marketers can better understand what had the greatest impact on ROI.

“For our food delivery clients, their promotions and brand awareness campaigns are traditionally communicated online, but over the years, this has become very cumbersome and ineffective. We want to offer them a new way to communicate to their customers, in ways more dynamic in nature, and easily managed from a single backend dashboard”

~ Joseph L. Patterson, Co-founder and Global CMO of BANTgo.

This partnership is just one of many that BANTgo has established in the second half of 2022, and together, this partnership will help bring the latest, most advanced digital technologies to the food delivery market in Dubai. BANTgo plans to provide close to 30,000 media systems to Dubai delivery startups like Yalla!Market, Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, and over 300,000 in the full UAE market. Follow BANTgo on LinkedIn and CrunchBase for more updates!

To learn more about BANTgo and Liqvid, read their bios below.

Liqvid.io – Liqvid is a team of professional developers of high-quality and easy-to-use digital display software apps. We are a fast-growing company based in Singapore. Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses. We are already trusted by more than 1000 users that broadcast various content on more than 1500 screens around the world. Our clients represent all types of business: healthcare, cafes, banking, sport/leisure, retail and more https://liqvid.io/en

BANTgo is an AdTech company that offers the fast-growing delivery market an ‘out-of-box’ digital LED media system that can broadcast branded content, video, and geo-targeted media at street level. https://evbant.com/

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