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(Miami Florida, US – 9/20/2022)BANTgo Inc is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Dubai-based digital LED screen supplier, Darb Alsalamah Electronics Trading LLC (DBZX).

BANTgo plans on purchasing high-quality outdoor LED screens from DBZX for purposes of delivering digital programmatic media with high visibility on food delivery bags and delivery vehicles. BANTgo’s media system consists of a powerful suite of software connected via API to a network of LED screens. Clients who subscribe to or license BANTgo’s media systems can upload, mix, change and control the scheduling of branded content on these screens at street level directly from a backend dashboard, available from any remote device. 

BANTgo’s platform is a sophisticated way to place advertising, as it uses traffic data and out-of-home display targeting to drive impressions at scale which results in a better ROI for marketers. It can also yield great results for both SMEs and global brands so don’t ignore it just because your organization is small.

If a client conveniently chooses to display other third-party media through the media system, then they’ll get a percentage of the ad revenue generated from rotating through the stream within a given delivery zone.

Clients can upload, mix, change and control the scheduling of branded content on these screens directly from a backend dashboard, available on any device. This partnership is just one of many that BANTgo has established over Q3 2022, and together, this partnership will help bring the latest, most advanced digital technologies to the food delivery market in Dubai. BANTgo has analyzed the market, and is confident they can provide UAE food delivery startups like Yalla!Market, Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, and others with over 30,000 screens in Dubai and over 300,000 in the full UAE market.

BANTgo has also achieved other tractional milestones in Dubai, such as our nomination as a semi-finalist for the 2022 World Competition of Entrepreneurs in the UAE. With this selection, BANTgo received the opportunity to pitch a jury of representatives from the in5, HUB71 and Startupscale360 FZCO ecosystems, for which they amassed outstanding reviews. During this time, through the help of In5 Media, BANTgo was able to finalize their registration of their subsidiary company BANTgo FZ LLC and obtain the appropriate licenses and permits needed to operate on the streets of Dubai.

This partnership is fundamentally important because now, BANTgo has its entire sales & operational business local and live in Dubai. BANTgo has recently begun the process of obtaining VISAs for full-time Dubai employees, as well as inviting investors to their early seed round. To learn more about BANTgo and DBZX, read their bios and follow the links below.

DARB ALSALAMAH ELECTRONICSTRADING LLC (DBZX). Darb Alsalamah Electronics Trading LLC., is located in Dubai – UAE. The company is a supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor LED display screens – small-pitch display screens, transparent soft screens, curved screens, customized screens and other products for customers to choose. Learn more about DBZX: https://dbzx.ae/

BANTgo is a technology company that offers the fast-growing delivery market an ‘out-of-box’ digital LED media system which can broadcast branded content, video, and geo-targeted media at street-level. https://evbant.com/

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