29Jun, 22 June 29, 2022

(Miami Florida, US – 6/26/2022) — BANTgo Inc is pleased to announce our collaboration with 5ire – a fifth-generation blockchain ecosystem built with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals in mind.

BANTgo has not only developed one of the fastest-growing Digital-Out-Of-Home transportation media networks, but they will also be collaborating with 5ire and will be using the 5ire blockchain technology to develop their GO-CYCLE app aimed at sustainability.

BANTgo’s GO-CYCLE app is using cryptocurrency to incentivize consumers to recycle E-waste. Before recycling their E-waste with a food delivery courier, users take a picture of the amount and kind of E-waste they are disposing of. Their picture is then verified, and in exchange, they receive blockchain tokens called Clean Coins that they can use to purchase other goods and services. Ultimately, BANTgo’s plan is to gamify sustainable behavior to millions of consumers, using 5ire’s blockchain technology and further integrate our technologies into the metaverses.

For BANTgo, this agreement to collaborate happened with perfect timing, as BANTgo is currently seeking to expand its market position in the UAE by bringing to potential UAE customers the latest, most advanced technologies and solutions utilizing blockchain technology. BANTgo has begun the process of understanding the goals and capabilities of 5ier and are set to adapt those designs and capabilities to the needs of BANTgo’s future customers in the UAE and further MENA region.

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