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(Miami Florida, US – 6/2/2022) — (BANTgo Inc – An Adtech transportation media platform and network that provides B2B clients with a CPD/CPO (cost per delivery/ cost per order) of -20% for delivering geotargeting digital Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising on LED screens that is 30 times more effective than online advertising and who helps advertisers get their cost per lead down to .75 cents, today announced they have appointed Alexey Antipov to their senior leadership team as Business Development Manager to scale their launch in the MENA region, specifically in Dubai.

This appointment comes amid rapid company growth. The Adtech company, which was selected as one of the thousands of applicants to Newchip’s competitive accelerator program, has recently accomplished several key milestones, including a successful first pilot launch with one of the largest food delivery operators in Europe which confirmed product-market fit and are now launching a much larger 4-month pilot with YallaMarket in the UAE (Dubai) before landing in the US. BANTgo has also been named a top 50 most promising Nordic/Baltic Impact Startup of 2021 and in the top 101 best advertising startups in Florida.

Alexey Antipov will help BANTgo meet its most important business growth goals by using his experience in building business processes, setting up supply chains, and attracting new clients, partners, and business connections. In 2017, Alexey held the role of Director of Procurement at an Aquaculture company, a fish producer in Malaysia. There he showed persistence and interest in the business, made new connections, lowered purchasing prices, and was appointed Deputy CEO. Since 2019, he has worked in various environmental projects. In 2020, Alexey was invited to work on a mobile app in the field of ecology, and so he came into the world of technology again and was able to further strengthen his knowledge in project and product management, which allowed him to enter the BANTgo project.

His negotiation and networking skills, project management, people, and team management skills will give the already powerful BANTgo team a new perspective and new opportunities to accelerate growth and conquer international markets.  With Alexey’s help, the international BANTgo team is set to capture the market with a growth of 10x per year. Their estimated market has already reached an impressive size and predicts a company valuation of up to 4 billion dollars. Currently, BANTgo is raising their Pre-Seed round which will help complete the automation of their product and allow them to begin scaling to provide more than 40K orders by the end of 2023 and revenue of $20M. In 2024, BANTgo plans to scale this out to over 200K LED screens and a revenue of over $71M.

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