Any legal entity registered in the country of presence of BANTgo

This possibility will depend on the mileage and condition of the vehicle. It may turn out that it is better to return the transport and take a newer model. If the mileage and age of the vehicle allow you to keep it for subscription, then you will only need to make a new subscription request, and we will simply assign the same vehicle, and it will remain with you.

Soon it will be possible. But only to those who are also in the BANTgo club. This will be a sublease, the cost of sublease you determine yourself

Then the debt will accumulate, and the car will not be used until it is repaid. The rental time, at the same time, will go. So you need to make sure that your account or card always has money for payment.

It depends on whether you choose insurance with or without a “Culprit” deductible.
If you do not have a deductible, then you do not pay anything for theft. Such a subscription will be more expensive because, without a franchise, we take all the risks.
But if you choose the “Culprit” franchise, you will not pay more than $500 for any damage, including theft, if the hijacker is not found.

Yes. The vehicle is yours for the entire period until you complete its lease. So you can park anywhere, even in underground parking lots, even in private parking lots. You can even leave it in the garage. And where there is no connection, you will be able to close the doors via Bluetooth or WiFi. The main thing is not to violate the laws of your country.

We usually deliver the vehicle within 3 hours. But in general, it depends on many points: what type of vehicle you choose, in what color, whether we have it in stock or need to order. The exact timing of vehicle preparation will always be in the app.

You can change your mind for free. But only at the stage of processing the application: at this time, the system analyzes your request and selects the appropriate vehicle.

As soon as the vehicle is found, we start preparing it. At the preparation stage, the cancellation is already paid.

The third stage is when the vehicle is ready and coming to you. As soon as it arrives, you get a push message and the rental time starts. If you cancel the vehicle at this stage or later, the cancellation will be very expensive.

The cost of cancellation will be calculated in proportion to the time of use (and / or downtime) of the vehicle. We will also deduct the amount of expenses for an early refund in the amount of about one monthly payment. This amount will be indicated in the car rental conditions at the time of booking.

Now we are looking for an investor for a pilot launch of the system in one of the cities of Europe and the United States. After launch, we will provide 3 types of vehicles (moto, 3 wheels and 4 wheels).
After scaling, we will add autonomous delivery vehicles and drones (in permitted areas)
All our transport is only electric, this is our principle!

Oh yeah. All in the same app make an order for any quantity