Then we will pick up the transport immediately if it is in the service area. If not — you need to deliver the car to the service area at your own expense.

We will provide a similar vehicle for the duration of the repair and compensate for non-convenience with bonus points. You will be able to spend them during the next subscription payments.

Then immediately tell us in the app chat or by phone. We will send the technician free of charge if the machine is in the service area. It will determine whether you can continue to use the car. And if the technician’s expertise is not enough, we will send the car for diagnostics to
authorized auto technical center. Also free of charge. You will get a substitute similar transport for this time

Tell us immediately in the app chat or by calling +375333900011(for Eastern Europe).
We will come and change the tires for free if the car is in the service area.

It is better not to change the tires yourself, because we do not compensate for the cost.

Yes, if you subscribe to pasting ads. Only your brand will be on the transport surface. Only your advertising and your marketing.

See, you can ride inside the entire bantgo ride zone. It’s huge. USA, all European countries, Russia and the countries of the Customs Union, the Pacific region. And the territory is constantly expanding.

If something happens to the vehicle, we will help, but only if it is in the service area. If the car is further away, then you will need to deliver it to the service region so that we can help.

It’s the same with the end of the lease. When the subscription ends, you will need to return the car to the service area and complete the lease there.

In the application menu, there are “Zones” — all borders are marked on them.

In the transport and logistics mobile application bantgo, in addition to automating delivery, there is now a subscription to electric vehicles. You can take a new one or with mileage for a month, several months, a year or even three years.

All this time, the vehicle will be like yours. You can also manage it through the app: open, close, and so on.

The payment will be debited every week, monthly, or all at once-as you choose.

We fully prepare the vehicle for delivery for you: we register it, get the license plates, insure it, charge the full battery on request, wash it and adjust it wherever you say.

If something happens to the transport-write or call us. We are in touch 24/7 in the app or by phone. We will always help you deal with everything, including accidents and evacuations.

Yes, we will add this feature to our app in the near future

Yes, we will add this feature to our app in the near future

Cash, wire transfer, payment with bank cards, leasing and credit are also available

If you do not like BANTgo vehicles you can return them without obligation within 2 days and with a mileage of less than 300 miles