GO-OOH App Features

An Adtech app that mobilize brands and dynamically displays location-based advertising in real-time

    • Uber and Lyft drivers earn more income for displaying digital advertising on their rear window.
    • Drivers get a financial sign-up incentive, and better payouts by receiving a cut of the ad revenue.
    • Restaurants and advertisers can precisely geotarget audiences by neighborhood. Ads can be purchased on a programmatic basis and dynamically change based on location and time of day.
    • Collect store visitation metrics, ad-influenced website visits and app downloads by tracking using ad IDs on mobile devices.

Pick Your Micromobility Vehicle

Connect your own fleet of vehicles, regardless of fleet size and complexity or subscribe to our selection of international electric vehicle partners – this also includes vehicles from different manufacturers.

E-Bike and E-Scooter


Micro EV


Autonomous delivery vehicle




Launch Geo-targeted ad campaigns with specific messaging to your ideal audience in near real-time within minutes for maxium exposure

We enable bags, windows and autonomous delivery vehicles with windows with our Out-Of-Home (OOH) digital advertising screens that displays the branding of the order being delivered. We also dynamically display non-competitive, location-based advertising in real-time based on the demographics and preferences of the residents of a particular neighborhood.



With the GO-OOH app, not only was I able to connect with my own fleet and subscribe to additional micro-electric vehicles, we were able to receive passive income simply by broadcasting content on our vehicles.

“Vehicle Owners simply pair their current food delivery app with the GO-OOH app and receive passive income. Each successful display, we pay a reward to the car owner.