An Adtech app that mobilizes brands and dynamically displays location-based advertising at street-level

Pair your food or grocery delivery app to earn passive income for displaying digital branding & advertising on the rear window of your car and your delivery bag. Get passive income by receiving a cut of the ad revenue.

Restaurants, advertisers and delivery companies can precisely geotarget audiences by neighborhood. Ads can be purchased on a programmatic basis and dynamically change based on location and time of day.

Earn More Income with GO-OOH

While delivery apps can improve your earning potential, there are still plenty of variables that are out of your control making it hard to earn a living doing it full time. And since app companies consider delivery couriers “contractors” and not employees, they don’t offer benefits like health insurance, retirement savings accounts or workers’ compensation. BANTgo addresses these problems with our GO-OOH app and platform which works with any food delivery app account and provides passive income for mobilizing brands and location-based advertising in real-time, at street level.

Launch Geo-targeted ad campaigns with specific messaging to your ideal audience in near real-time within minutes for maxium exposure

We enable bags and windows with our Out-Of-Home (OOH) digital advertising screens that display the branding of the order being delivered. We also dynamically display non-competitive, location-based digital advertising in real-time based on the demographics and preferences of the residents of a particular neighborhood.

Benefits of BANTgo’s Ad Platform

  • Register in advance

    Register in advance

    Schedule your screen in advance for best availability.
  • Provide ad content

    Provide ad content

    Provide us with your advertising content to be loaded into the screens. Our specialists will help you to adapt the existing advertising content.
  • We deliver screens

    We deliver screens

    At the appointed time, we will deliver the screens to the right place. Our employee will deliver the screens to the place and instruct your promoters.
  • Start earning passively!

    Start earning passively!

    BANTgo will undoubtedly help you with this.



“With the GO-OOH platform, I was able to offset these lower wages and receive more passive income for simply broadcasting content on my vehicle.”

– Mike H. worked as a chef for 17 years before he was laid off in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Like a lot of people, he started driving for DoorDash, attracted by the flexibility of the working hours and DoorDash’s claim that drivers earned an average of $25 an hour. He was logging 45 hours a week driving full time for DoorDash, but his earnings ranged from a “good week” in which he made $800 ($17.77 an hour) to a “bad week” in which he made just $200 ($4.44 an hour).