Thank you for showing interest in BANTgo

We will soon be a global participant in the last-mile delivery market, providing optimized electric transport and the perfect software for organizing your delivery.

Our special feature is that we fully preserve and increase the strength of your brand and provide you with an additional revenue stream.

We are not an aggregator, not an intermediary, and not someone who takes your revenue, taking advantage of difficult times when you need delivery.

We are the ones who help you make your delivery. With us, it is more profitable than working with aggregators, more profitable than organizing delivery yourself and 100% eco-friendly for the surrounding urban environment.

How you can Order EV & Download App

Get notified when BANTgo arrives in your area.
We won’t bother you unnecessarily. We advise you to pre-order our transport and software. You can pre-order here using the form.

Only the presence of a pre-order guarantees you the priority launch of the project. Get a competitive advantage and additional benefits right now!

You can ask questions and get information from us via a direct request to BANTgo.

We will send you detailed information about our electric vehicles, launch dates and markets (USA, Germany, UK are our first markets).

Reserve your Micro-EV

Your reservation for our AdTech enabled Micro-EV will secure your place in line when deliveries begin.

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