BANTgo is achieving the SDGs and meeting the ESG criteria.

The BANTgo team began following the principles of responsible consumption long before we joined together in this project. For us, this is the only way of life that will allow us to look our children and grandchildren in the eye with pride.

We create and develop our customers and users into a waste – disposal – society.

We consider it a great achievement and honor for BANTgo to be able to contribute to humanity’s realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 3C BANTgo Principles of Responsible Consumption

Cheaper – provide easy and low-cost access to responsible consumption for a large number of users.

Cleaner – clean up their environment by maximizing the use of recycled materials, reusable and durable items, and other ways to reduce individual pressures on the environment.  

Closer – contribute to the improvement of life where BANTgo users live, make it obvious and understandable, and provide users with easy ways to follow responsible consumption principles.


Sustainable consumption for all
Goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

BANTgo makes every user environmentally friendly. 

BANTgo delivery will provide everyone with a familiar quality of life while using fewer resources. 

BANTgo offers simple ways to follow responsible consumption principles: 

  • We help the customer recycle materials that are difficult to collect and deliver to collection points (batteries, energy-saving bulbs, small electronics, and others);
  • We support the use of reusable utensils when delivering prepared meals;
  • We will ensure that recyclable packaging materials are returned for recycling;
  • We will offer a clear and reliable way to track your contribution to saving the planet’s resources through a blockchain platform.


People will have an easy way to save resources and be environmentally friendly in yet another area of their lives without sacrificing quality. BANTgo is a SaaS  that is embedded in any delivery service and is built on the principles of responsible consumption. We are constantly equipping it with new features for the greenest businesses and users. In the BANTgo app, everyone can track their individual contribution to conserving the planet’s resources.       

Responsible consumption — Wiki

Indicator 12.2.2

Stop Climate Change Together
Goal 13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Items that do not end up in waste landfills or in incineration plants – do not emit greenhouse gasses and reduce climate warming both locally and globally.

Recycling prevents the disposal of potentially useful materials and reduces the consumption of primary raw materials, reduces energy consumption and air pollution (from burning fuel and waste during recycling). Recycling reduces the emission of 2 million tons of CO2-equivalent per year.

There are two ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through effective waste management:

  • reducing the amount of waste
  • recycling materials

The BANTgo service, through its customized waste management mechanism, makes it available to every user and business:

  • reduce the amount of waste in the delivery of prepared foods and products by supporting the use of reusable packaging and utensils 
  • increase recycling of materials – we make entry into material recycling easy and engage more individual users and businesses
  • reduce recycling costs – BANTgo connects the sorting and collection of recycling materials with the work of food delivery couriers significantly reducing their cost
  • Include new materials in recycling – we make individual recycling management simple and enable you to recycle materials and items for which there are no mass-market solutions (primarily specialty plastics).

Goal 13 Indicator 13.2.2 Total greenhouse gas emissions per year

10.5 Policies and measures: waste management and climate

Circular Claims Fall Flat: Comprehensive U.S. Survey of Plastics Recyclability

The Recycling Partnership

Significantly reduce marine and land pollution from human activities
Goal 14 Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
Goal 15 Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

BANTgo allows every user to join in reducing the destructive impact on animal habitats in the seas and on land:

  • All the stuff that’s gone into recycling won’t become trash in the land and water that makes them uninhabitable.
  • By reducing trash and emissions in cities, we protect the habitats of our closest animal neighbors – the inhabitants of urban and suburban ecosystems.  
  • Recycling reduces our consumption of primary resources – together we stop the pressure on wildlife habitats.
  • By working to reduce human CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, together we stop ocean acidification and conserve ocean biodiversity.

Goal 14 

Goal 15 

The Future We Want 

Ocean acidification